Bela Irfan Hair And Makeup Artist - London Makeup Artist


“Faces are beautiful!” - Bela Irfan

Bela is a London based Makeup Artist and hairstylist who travels nationwide and internationally and specialises in Asian Bridal beauty. As a qualified and experienced architect, Bela is an artist first. She knows about colours, light and shade, lines, structure and how to translate all this knowledge to her canvas of choice – the human face.

Bela has been teaching herself makeup from a young age and believes one can never stop learning. She has been certified by UK and international industry leaders. Bela keeps a keen eye on latest trends via all media.

Bela believes all faces are inherently beautiful. Makeup should enhance this beauty. A good artist brings out beauty where few see it before.

Bela is talented and creative, professional, meticulous and easy going. She stays focused, calm and collected under pressure and produces results you want to see. She is nurturing by nature and brides find her presence very reassuring and destressing. Trust her to deliver your best look for your big day.

Artist Statement

Bela Says: “Every face is beautiful in its own way. I see it and I bring out that beauty. 

I see. I sketch. I create. Colours. Shapes. Light and shade. They enchant me, inspire me.

In all this time that I’ve been doing makeup, there’s never been a dull moment. Each day brings a new opportunity, a new challenge a chance to make someone look at themselves in a new way.

 From meeting excited teenage girls discovering makeup for the first time to nervous anxious brides, I find it all exhilarating. I love my job!

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